Battle Star Quad Barrage Pack

Battle Star Quad Barrage Pack

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A superb collection of four single ignition fireworks that will create a near professional firework display! We recommend the following firing order:


Shuttle 92 Shot: A sequence of red, green and glitter mine eruptions is followed by multi-coloured comets with brocade bursts & coloured stars. A further sequence of red, green, brocade and crackle mines is followed by brocade shellbursts to a finale of red, blue and brocade bursts.


Launch 50 Shot: Red, green and blue comets rise and burst into brocade shellbursts with red, green and blue stars. Red, green and blue comets rise with silver glitter and multi-coloured shellbursts, then blue tailed mines with chrysanthemum spreads create the finale.


Orbit 54 Shot: Spinning silver comets rise and burst alternately into coloured starbursts and glittering chrysanthemum, dazzling brocade comets rise and burst into a mass of red stars and beautiful brocade shellbursts.


Gravity 90 Shot: A rapid start of overlapping gold bursts, silver fish and red and green comet bursts to a fanned salvo of silver palms culminating in a sky filling series of snowflake bursts to a finale of rapid fan fired shell bursts and champagne fizz.

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