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Big King

Big King

£119.99 Regular Price
£99.99Sale Price

Prepare for the ultimate pyrotechnic ruler of the jungle - BIG KING by Klasek. This awe-inspiring barrage unleashes an incredible 64 colossal bursts that paint the night sky with vibrant color, crackling sparks, and thunderous noise.

With a staggering 8 different effects, Big King delivers a visual extravaganza that's nothing short of breathtaking. Each effect brings a unique charm, creating a dynamic and ever-changing spectacle that keeps your audience in a state of wonder.

This fantastic piece is a must-have for any fireworks display. Whether you're celebrating a special event or simply looking to impress,

Big King guarantees to leave a lasting impact. Don't miss the chance to experience the power and majesty of Big King - a true king among fireworks!

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