Caged Tiger Pro

Caged Tiger Pro


This cake is full of big bursts, various effects and has a good duration for your display. This beast is huge, firing 112 shots of gold brocade crowns with blue stars straight before firing fanned volleys of red, green and blue peony’s. Red chrysanthemums, red glittering, silver palms with crackling stars, the list of effects is endless.

CAKE 1: Blue tail up burst brocade crown king with blue pearls, red tail red peony, green tail green peony, blue tail blue dahlia, red palm with chrysanthemum.

CAKE 2: Silver tail white strobe, green tail green strobe, red tail red strobe, green palm with chrysanthemum, red tail up burst red pearls with white strobe, blue tail up burst blue pearls with green strobe, green tail up burst green pearls with red strobe.

CAKE 3: Purple palm chrysanthemum, titanium golden palm, brocade crown king, wave willow, blue tail up burst wave willow with chrysanthemum.

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