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Daredevil Box

Daredevil Box


8 individual firework barrages for a total of 198 shots lasting 3:20 non-stop. Each is packed with a huge variety of colours and effects and every one is fanned or contains a mixture of straight or fanned effects. Designed to be lit in the order printed on each item for the best display, Add in a few rockets between each cake and you’ve got yourself a great little display.


Daredevil 1 – 25 shot, z-firing crackling mines to colour peony and crackle above.

Daredevil 2 – 25 shot, fanned cake firing in volleys with each volley containg 3 of one effect and two of another to create what we call a butterfly effect in the sky.

Daredevil 3 – 24 shot, z-firing consisting of colour starburst with glitter.

Daredevil 4 – 28 shot, mixed shape with some great effect such as red ghost and silver wintersweet and some nice red and green falling leaves.

Daredevil 5 – 25 shot, z and fanned volley firing barrage, some nice gold glitter palms with coloured stars sweep left to right before a volley of crackling comets and a great finale of mixed colured stars and chrysanthemum.

Daredevil 6 – 24 shot, z-firing burst of coloured stars with glitter.

Daredevil 7 – 21 shot, z-firing. Big bursts in this one of deep gold palms and coloured stars, a sweep of whistling tails before a finale blue, gold and time rain.

Daredevil 8 – 27 shots of z-firing bursts with volleys of thick comets between each row.

199 shots!

Many more fireworks in store

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