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Gender Reveal Bundle

Gender Reveal Bundle

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Gender Reveal Bundle 

36 shot barrage & 2 x Smoke&Confetti Combined Cannon

3 items in total


After the customer provides us with the ultrasound scan to determine the gender of their upcoming addition, we take special care to discreetly select and provide the appropriate color, either blue or pink, while keeping the joyful secret intact, ensuring their gender reveal celebration remains a delightful surprise.


  1. 36 Shot Hallmark Barrage - Sensational 36 shot barrage firework designed for the perfect gender reveal moment! This dazzling pyrotechnic masterpiece combines lifting mine effect with a stunning burst of either vivid blue or delicate pink colored stars. It's not just a firework; it's a magnificent and enchanting way to announce the gender of the newest addition to your family, adding a touch of magic to your special celebration.
  2. 2 x Smoke & Confetti Combined Cannon - This isn't your average gender reveal party product! Gender reveal blue confetti is a fun way to surprise your guests with the big news. Simply twist and watch as blue or pink smoke and blue or pink confetti explode from the can. The high-quality paper ensures a perfect display every time.

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