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Mega Deal 3

Mega Deal 3



  1. Kimbolton Gold Selection Box - These selection boxes contain a varied mix of roman candles, multi shot batteries, conical cone fountains and 2 catherine wheels. We believe these selection boxes are the best on the market, giving true value for money in terms of performance, timescale and quality. Each selection box is carefully chosen to offer the greatest variety of products and effects. 23 items in total in this selection box.
  2. Calavero Rockets - This premium quality selection of 5 burst rockets are a great addition to your display. A great array of vibrant colours to add the wow factor! New for 2023 these superb 50gram 1.3G rockets are built to impress, with loud and large bursts, packed with vivid stars in 5 beautiful effects, which include : Multicolour Stars, Green to Crackling Stars, Red Coconut Tree, Brocade Crown and White Strobe Stars. Stunning effects!
  3. 2 x Pik n Mix Barrages - 2 individual barrage fireworks that are a lovely addition to this MEGA DEAL. The two barrage fireworks that will be selected will be dependant on stock at the time. Each firework is 25 shots and have different effects.
  4. 2 x Vulcan 16 shot Barrages - Two of the 16 shot barrages from the Vulcan range. Different effects in each firework with an emphasis on colour. Great additions to any display. The two barrage fireworks that will be selected will be dependant on stock at the time.
  5. Lod Duchu - 25 Shot 25mm barrage from our Klasek range. Each row of 5 shots has a different effect meaning 5 effects in total in this one barrage! A popular firework every year with good noise.
  6. Devils Fountain - multiple effects of colour and crackle from this great little fountain that lasts over 1 minute.
  7. Happy Rockets - 4 pack of small sized rockets with a great sized burst!

Many more fireworks in store

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