Mega Deal 2

Mega Deal 2

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Gemini - This selection pack will keep you coming back for more with its variety of fantastic fireworks.


Sky force Rockets - Great 10 pack rockets with 5 different effects. 


God of thunder - A 1.3G, 20 shot cake ejecting bursts of titanium cored red or green peonies and titanium cored crackling starbursts.


Merry Berrys - Fast paced and pure fun is the name of the game with this 25 Shot cake. Brilliant Red Stars followed by crackling Dragon Eggs fill the sky as Merry Berry's lights up the night and puts a smile on everyone's face.


Air Patrol - great 10 pack Roman candles. 


3 Packs of Tazmania - Each pack contains 3 tazmania ground spinners which spin red and finish in a crackle. 9 spinners in total. 


Vulcan Blue Smoke Grenade - High quality blue smoke grenade which produces a thick plume with an average duration of 60s. 


Cathertine wheel - Long duration catherine wheel emitting showers and sparks. 

Many more fireworks in store