Mega Deal 5

Mega Deal 5

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GOLD SELECTION BOX - These selection boxes contain a varied mix of roman candles, multi shot batteries, conical cone fountains and 2 catherine wheels. We believe these selection boxes are the best on the market, giving true value for money in terms of performance, timescale and quality. Each selection box is carefully chosen to offer the greatest variety of products and effects.  23 items


SPACE HAWK ROCKETS - The best selling 1.3G rockets within this range, it offers breath taking effects and will prove to be the star of any bonfire party. 5 Rockets


DINOMIT - 25 shot barrage with purple, red, silver, green effects.


TERRA FERMA - 25 shot barrage solid performer giving a varied range of large colourful effects.


DAZZLING DARTS - Rapid firing 180 shot missile barrage, with screeching, screaming and whistle effects.

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