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Mega Deal 4

Mega Deal 4



  1. Reaper Rocket 5 Pack - Best Rocket Pack Award Winners 2021 & 2022 New Reaper Rocket pack by Vivid have 5 outstanding rockets all with 68g NEC. Huge bursts and outstanding effects. Top selling rocket pack which will keep you coming back for more!
  2. Loose Cannon Barrage - Fantastic barrage from Vivid. Huge effects from a small sized firework that will rival anything within its range. Great burst size along with lovely colours and alternating firing patterns, for the price you cannot beat it. Amazing feats accomplished by a small barrage cake.
  3. PyroBox 1 - Big addition of fireworks to his deal. Assortment for all ages. A good mix of fountains and batteries for any celebration. 2x Mega Fountain Eruption 2x Fountains 2x 25 shot Saturn missiles Cloud Dragon 20 Shot Sunshine 12 Shot Happy
  4. Black Hawk 5 Rocket Pack - Another 5 pack of Rockets to this deal. Popular black hawks give a real punch to this display. Hard hitting and big bursts.
  5. Terra Ferma 25 shot Barrage - Best selling small sized barrage every year. Full of colour, effects and noise this is a great firework worth adding to any display. 
  6. Popcorn Fountain - Feel the tension of this energetic discharge of popcorn crackling. The most delicious fountain there is! Keep this for the garden not the cinema! One of our favourite fountains.
  7. Saturn 200 missiles - Screaming and screeching fast firing 200 shots of noise!
  8. VIP Barrage VIP Barrage from Klasek Blue Palms ad White Gold gives a true VIP experience worthy of this display pack
  9. Nuclear 25 shot Barrage - From Evo fireworks this piece gives lovely silver brocade bursts and red glitter. Steady paced firing rate giving some variety to this deal.
  10. Kronos Fountain - Battery of fountains meaning this cycles through 6 different effects from this one firework. Giving blobs of coloured stars, crackles, golden rain, blue and silver comets this is a fantastic fountain with plenty to give. 
  11. TNT Sparkle Catherine Wheel - Catherine wheels are great fun and are a must for any garden display. This wheel has a variety of effects with mesmerising colours and a good duration. 

Many more fireworks in store

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