Mega Deal 6

Mega Deal 6

£299.99 Regular Price
£249.99Sale Price

BREAKOUT -  49 shot fires silver glitter mines to bursts of red stars and silver glitter, green stars and silver glitter, white chrysanthemums, gold brocades and blue stars before finale volleys of red and green to crackling.


THUNDER RAIN - Blue, red, green and yellow comet tails rise to matching breaks of the same coloured peonys with a nice touch of strobing silver pixie dust. A lovely cake and will look good in any display.


STAR GAZING - 25 shots of golden waves changing to red, blue and green bombards.


MINION - This little 24 shot cake produces some astounding effects, making it tremendous value for money. A brilliant straight firing cake with dragon eggs, blue & red strobes, gold willow, green tipped brocades, and so much more. 


TERRA FERMA 25 shot barrage solid performer giving a varied range of large colourful effects.


HALLOWEEN - 16 shot Klasek cake producing 4 different effects. Red & green comets with crackle, red & pink coloured breaks with crackle finish and white and silver bursts with crackle.


CASPER - 25 shot multi-effect barrage. Gold brocade with purple stars, whistle to coloured peony with crackles, brocades with red stars and glitter, multi-coloured bursts with glittering stars and gold brocade time rain bursts. 5 different coloured effects


TEQUILA SLAMMER - Pink strobe,silver time rain to red green strobe and titanium gold coco,silver time rain to blue star andsilver brocade. Nice surprise ending!


SILVER BULLET  - A 35 shot roman candle barrage that packs a punch as it ejects an arrays of coloured stars and comets.


SKY HUNTER  - Five large 1.3G rockets to a pack with sensational and loud colourful effects including, brocade to red starburst, brocade to blue stars and white glitter, brocade crown with red glittering stars, brocade crown with blue stars and a huge single effect of brocade crown.


WRECKING BALL SINGLE ROCKET - 3″ professional shell burst rocket with huge burst and effect.

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