Mega Deal 5

Mega Deal 5

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Platinum Box - Simply the best selection box for those wanting to put on a truly exceptional show. Packed full of cakes, candles and rockets to produce a dazzling extravaganza!

Contains the following - 7 Rockets, 7 Fountains, 12 Barrages, 3 Candle Barrages, 1 Catherine Wheel and 5 Single Shot Barrages


Klasek 49 shot - Signature range with 7 different coloured effects. One of the best of its kind!


Sky Salute - There’s not much to say about this cake other than IT’S LOUD! 36 shots of red starsto loud salutes!


Merry Berry - Fast paced and pure fun is the name of the game with this 25 Shot cake. Brilliant Red Stars followed by crackling Dragon Eggs fill the sky as Merry Berry's lights up the night and puts a smile on everyone's face.


Fireflies 50 shot - Low noise effects with a difference, known as a Bees or Hummingbirds, this effect is hypnotic and fun. The 50 Shot Fireflies fires Blue lift stars, leading to multi-coloured tails on the rise before the bombets starts humming and shoot off into the night sky! Perfect for Low Noise and great fun for any display.


Falcon 5 x Rocket pack - Brocade Crown to purple/Brocade crown to green/Golden willow to red

Golden willow to blue/Golden willow to chrysanthemum


Many more fireworks in store