Mega Deal 3

Mega Deal 3

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TERRA FERMA - 25 shot barrage solid performer giving a varied range of large colourful effects.


EE-BEE-GEE-BEE - 36 shot barrage. 36 new and exciting coloured shots including silver spinners, mixed pearl colour bursts, some cheeky whistles and a fabulous mixed colour mini finale.


DOOMSDAY - A 21 shot cake ejecting red, blue, silver or golden tails which burst with either red & white glittering stars, blue & gold glittering stars, silver wave effects with crackle, or brocade crown effects with red glittering stars.


SKY FORCE ROCKET PACK - 10 individual rockets. 2x Red Green Blue Crackling, 2x Red star Gold strobe, 2x Blue star White Strobe, 2x Purple star Green Strobe, 2x Brocade crown. 


FAB ROCKETS - 8 individual rockets. Assorted effects from silver, green and golden strobe effects, red stars and crackling starbursts.

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