Mega Deal 7

Mega Deal 7

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ASYLUM 9 CAKE BARRAGE PACK - 9 AMAZING 20mm, 25mm and 30mm cakes, each with a different effect including some stunningly bright starbursts and strobes, beautiful brocade willows and a fantastic finale cake with a red strobe mine to brocade, with whistles, crackling flowers and salutes!

All of the fireworks in this pack are 1.3g and are category F2.

Details for each cake are below.

Crackpot – 16 Shot 20mm F2
Demented – 16 Shot 20mm F2
Pyscho – 25 shot 20mm F2
Professor X – 64 shot 20mm F2
Lunatic – 16 shot 25mm F2
Night Terror – 25 shot 25mm F2
Crazy Time – 16 shot 30mm F2
Killer Clown – 16 shot 30mm F2


CLAYMORE - Astounding effects is what Claymore is all about. This firework is so good that it’s widely used in displays by professionals, and now it’s available to the public. Featuring crackle lift mines, dragon eggs, fireflies, super brocades and coloured stars; Claymore is crammed full of power and energy


SOLAR FLARE - 5 rockets Brocade crown with crackling pistil; Gold willow to colour, red strobe willow white strobe blue stars, time rain willow with blue pistil, red dahlia white strobe pistil.


COLOUR FOUNTAIN 1000g - HUGE fountain that reaches 6m in height! Creating coloured stars and champagne spray effect. Lovely fountain to add to any display


TITANIUM SHOOTER - 3 HUGE roman candles. 8 Shots per roman candle.

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