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Mega Deal 5

Mega Deal 5



  1. Full House Barrage Pack - Full House Barrage Pack from Primed Pyro promises to elevate your fireworks experience to the next level. This pack is a carefully curated selection of 9 individual barrages, each with its unique set of effects, shot counts, and characteristics. You'll find a diverse range of effects, ensuring that every firework in the pack offers something different and exciting. From glittering bursts to vivid colors, the variety is sure to keep the audience engaged and delighted. These fireworks pack a real punch, producing thunderous noise that adds an exhilarating auditory dimension to the visual spectacle. The big bursts, accompanied by their booming sound, create an immersive and dynamic experience that is nothing short of thrilling. Whether you're a seasoned fireworks enthusiast or someone looking to experience the magic of pyrotechnics for the first time, the Full House Barrage Pack offers something for everyone. 
  2. Claymore 100 shot Barrage - From the Black Label Pro Range this 100 shot barrage has proven to be a best seller year after year. Astounding effects is what Claymore is all about. This firework is so good that it’s widely used in displays by professionals, and now it’s available to the public. Featuring crackle lift mines, dragon eggs, fireflies, super brocades and coloured stars; Claymore is crammed full of power and energy. 
  3. Reaper Rocket 5 Pack - Best Rocket Pack Award Winners 2021New Reaper Rocket pack by Vivid have 5 outstanding rockets all with 68g NEC. Huge bursts and outstanding effects. Top selling rocket pack which will keep you coming back for more!
  4.  Screaming Banshee 300 shot - Noise Noise and more Noise. 300 screaming shots with a fast fire rate keeps you on the edge. 

Many more fireworks in store

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