Mega Deal 6

Mega Deal 6

£350.00 Regular Price
£249.00Sale Price

Claymore - One of the best barrages around! It features some amazing effects. Each lift launches with a crackling mine to burst of coloured stars, palms, dragon eggs, silver and blue fish. A rapid, sky filling piece and sure to be popular this year.


Black Gemini - A combination of willows, brocade, glittering and crackling effects. At half the recommended retail price this bargain rocket pack provides good effects with a loud bang.


Fantastic Four - This 1.3G 20 shot Black Label barrage really packs a punch. An excellent addition to this deal.


Klasek C2525 - From klaseks signature range. 25 shots of pure quality. 


Klasek C2520 - Anotther piece of klaseks signature range. 25 shots with different effects. 


Terra Ferma - Brilliant cake from Hallmark, this cake with surpise you with its visuals.


Raketomet 300ran - 300 shot missiles with silver whistling tail to salute.


Merry Berrys - This quick firing 25 shot cake has proven to be popular year after year. 


Martian attack - A 32 shot cake ejecting coloured tails which burst with an assortment of coloured palms and twinkling stars.


God of Thunder - A 1.3G, 20 shot cake ejecting bursts of titanium cored red or green peonies and titanium cored crackling starbursts.


Mighty Atom - 25 shot barrage with various effects. 


Glitter bomb -  16 shot barrage with 4 different effects of Blue Stars with Time Rain, Vivid Green Peonies, Purple Stars with Time Rain and a finale of Golden Crackling Chryanthemums



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