Party Pack

Party Pack

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TNT wow selection box contains 16 assorted fireworks comprising 6 fountains, 2 rockets, 2 multi shots, 2 aerial shot tubes, 2 mines, 1 wheel and 1 roman candle. 


Dazzling Darts is a rapid firing 180 shot missile barrage, with screeching, screaming and whistle effects. 


Blasting Barrels is a super multi-colour changing combination fountain - Massive colour changing plumes with loud crackles, silvery sparkles and beautiful mixed colours.


 Devil's Fountain, this little devil plumes a multitude of sparkling and crackling colours such as red, yellow, green, silver and even lemon stars. Watch out for those devilish eyes glowing and flashing at the end.


 EE-BEE-GEE-BEE  36 shot new and exciting coloured shots including silver spinners, mixed pearl colour bursts, some cheeky whistles and a fabulous mixed colour mini finale.


Crickets 50 Sec colourful crackle fountain. Beautiful red, green and blue stars with silver flower and crackles.


COSMIC FAB - 8 individual rockets with an assorted effects from silver, green and golden strobe effects, red stars and crackling starbursts.


21 Gold Sparklers ! Write your name in the air! The Gold Sparkler is a traditional favorite. Fun for young and old alike.

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