Party Pack

Party Pack

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One of our most popular deals. Great variety and value for money.


TNT WOW selection box contains 16 assorted fireworks comprising 6 fountains, 2 rockets, 2 multi shots, 2 aerial shot tubes, 2 mines, 1 wheel and 1 roman candle. 


Raging Raptor - Provide a dino-mite night to remember with this Raging Raptor Firework. It produces a spectacular mix of various aerial colours, including bursting red and screeching white-tailed stars, and finishes off with a high impact golden umbrella looking finale. 36 shot barrage


Sky Force 5 Rocket Pack - A mixture of 5 rockets each with a different effect. A great addition to the Party Pack. 


Turtle Boy - Fantastic 25 shot barrage from Klasek, our premium brand, that has 5 different effects throughout. Lovely finale piece to finish your display.


Dazzling Darts is a rapid firing 180 shot missile barrage, with screeching, screaming and whistle effects. 


Blasting Barrels is a super multi-colour changing combination fountain - Massive colour changing plumes with loud crackles, silvery sparkles and beautiful mixed colours.


21 Gold Sparklers ! Write your name in the air! The Gold Sparkler is a traditional favorite. Fun for young and old alike.

Many more fireworks in store