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Profi Show 200 Multi Shape C20020XPR

Profi Show 200 Multi Shape C20020XPR

£149.00 Regular Price
£123.99Sale Price

Profi Show 200 Multi Shape Firework by Klasek, part of the great Profi Show range, promises a truly professional-grade fireworks experience – all conveniently packed in a single box for your enjoyment.

With an astonishing 200 shots, this firework is designed to bring the sky to life with a relentless, dazzling display. What sets it apart is the incredible variety: 20 different effects create a constant, dynamic show of vibrant colors. But the real magic lies in the fact that this firework features both straight-firing and fan-shaped shots, making it a multifaceted masterpiece.

Whether you're marking a special occasion or simply craving a night of pyrotechnic delight, this firework ensures you're in for a night of pure wonder and excitement. Don't miss the chance to host your own professional-grade fireworks display with Klasek's Profi Show 200 Shot Firework!

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