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£260.00 Regular Price
£199.99Sale Price

4 pre-fused cakes with one ignition. A vertically firing cake followed by upright bouquets with pearls and glittering. This is followed by a fan cake with multiple effects and finishing with a rapid firing finale cake of multiple effects.

This compound lasts 1 minute 20 seconds! Starting with gold glitter crowns, gold to crackling, red and blue starss with fizzing, gold brocade crowns with silver glitter core, fizzing palms, red bouquet mines to bursts or red and blue above, gren tails to green blink all fired straight up before launching a section of z-firing effects consisting of gold fizzy brocade palms with blue, golden brocade to blue with white glitter, gold pixie dust with red stars and crackle, followed by another short section of straight firing before huge v-firing bursts of gold, w-firing volleys of colour and a volley of tourbillion tails to ti-strobe crackle.

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