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Wicked Witch Fountain

Wicked Witch Fountain


East Or West Prem is the Best!

Wicked Witch Fountain from Hallmark Fireworks

The Wicked Witch Fountain begins as a single fountain, offering a captivating visual display. As the performance unfolds, it magically splits into two different fountains.

As the grand finale, the fountain reveals the witch's eyes, which eerily light up in the night. It's a spine-tingling and spooky surprise that adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to the display. The sudden appearance of the witch's eyes serves as a reminder of the mystical and supernatural, making it a fitting conclusion to this magical experience.

Whether you're young or old, the allure of this enchanting pyrotechnic display is irresistible. So, keep an eye out for the Wicked Witch Fountain, and prepare to be delighted and mystified as it casts its spell over your senses.

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